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Welcome to Ventura Chiropractic & Massage! Bien Venidos!

Dr. Young has been offering some of the best chiropractic care in Ventura, California since 1983. But, it's better than that; he has also been providing Functional Medicine for each patient since 1999!

If you haven't been in our office, you may want to know what patients say about us, and about the care and service that we provide. You can read the Google reviews of our practice here.  When you search using Chiropractor Ventura, our office is consistently #1.

On November 11, 2011, Dr. Young was the highest Yelp-rated Ventura Chiropractor.

Read what patients said on Yelp, about our practice!

Please look around our site; get to know us. You are wise to thoughtfully select those who provide you with health care.

If you are unable to find something that you would like here on our site, please call us at (805) 658-0123, or e-mail us by using the link "E-mail us" on the right side of this page.

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