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City of Ventura Wellness Program

PowerPoint Presentations
Please note the title on the presentation that you view. At the end of the title will be the year with an "a" or "b" which indicate that the file was last updated in that year and in the first or second half of the year.

1)    Introducing You & Me – Why are we here?  2013 b
2)    Vitamins – news to use   2013 b
3)    Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis – All hurt!   2013 b
4)    Functional Medicine   2013 b
5)    Weight Loss – The Real Story
6)    Your Blood Work – get to know it   2014 a
7)    Exercise Energy Rest Sleep Stress
8)    What’s Your Health Plan?
9)    Autoimmune Diseases: thyroid, rheumatoid, lupus and more ...
10)  Heart Disease or Heart Health? 2014 a
11)  Cancer: Can we stack the deck?
12)  Happy Aging