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Community of Health Ventura ver 1/12/2012

is for those for whom any of the following apply:
• value their own health
• have health issues
• want to lose weight
• value the health of their family, friends, community and/or humanity
• want to learn more about health
• are ready to schedule a little time for health expansion
• want to stop smoking
• are addicted to sugar
• would practice health more consistently if supported by a circle of friends
• stay on track better with practicing health when they have a scheduled commitment with others
• are ready for something beyond good intentions for health

Founded in December 2010 by Dr. Kristofer Young.

What is Community of Health ~ Ventura?
COHV is friendly people coming together once a month, enjoying learning about, practicing, and staying engaged in health! COHV will provide a calming, joyful, and thoughtful environment in which to consider the factors that lead to health and that lead to imbalance, and in which to find personalized direction for health and happiness.

Who: people interested in hea
lth; for many reasons
Where: Ventura Chiropractic & Massage - 3160 Telegraph Road, Suite 103, Ventura 93003 (room for 12 people) + live video conference for 9 people through Google+
What: 90 minute gathering with varying formats and content
When: the second Thursday of each month, from 7-8:30 PM

Who created and who will lead Community of Health ~ Ventura?

Dr. Kristofer Young, Ventura chiropractor.
“Most of us need help staying on track; staying inspired to care for our health. I have created Community of Health ~ Ventura, to help us do just that.”

Is COHV a business promotion, or a front for marketing products or services?

No, and no.

• improve the health of individuals, families, and the Community of Ventura
• explore the realm of the public creating public health (we, the people, as distinct from an agency)