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Initial visit
- 50 min - $150 - includes case history, exam, and treatment
Regular visit - 15 min - $60
Intermediate visit - 30 min - $100
Extended visit - 50 min - $150

Massage - one hour - $70

What You Need to Know about Our Fees

  • Dr. Young's commitment to every patient is to provide the best care with the least possible expense. Read the reviews -   Read about - Cost-effective Chiropractic Care 
  • Many doctors (chiropractors, MDs and others) simply sell treatments instead of helping patients find solutions. Without solutions patients are left with more suffering, more office visits, and more fees.
  • Dr. Young teaches you how to keep yourself well and pain-free. There are no fees for maintaining your own health.
  • Since 1983, when we opened Ventura Chiropractic & Massage, it has been common that we have provided relief in 1-3 office visits, for individuals who had suffered for years and had spent thousands of dollars. No promise; just a statement.


Dr. Young is contracted with Medicare, but not other insurers.

For patients with medical insurance that covers treatment by an out-of-network chiropractor, we either bill electronically, or provide a completed claim form at the end of each month that can be signed and submited to the insurer. The patient pays for services at the time they are rendered. The insurer reimburses the patient per their contract.

We treat auto accident cases that are covered by med-pay (medical coverage for the occupants of a vehicle). We don't take liens and require payment at the time the services are rendered.

We treat work related injuries when authorized.

Medicare covers only one chiropractic service; manipulation of spine. We charge the federally regulated fee for manipulation of spine, for our area. The patient pays at the time of the visit, we bill Medicare, and the patient is reimbursed by Medicare if their deductible has been met. It is not uncommon that a Medicare patient needs care beyond manipulation of the spine; regular charges apply and are not covered by Medicare.


Our fees are the same, whether the patient is insured or uninsured. We do not inflate fees that would be charged to insurance companies and then charge reasonable fees to the uninsured. We charge reasonable fees to everyone, all the time.