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Dr. Herb Daly adjustingFinding a GREAT Chiropractor

1)    Don’t use a referral service. Doctors often pay to be listed. Don’t go by the college attended. There are GREAT doctors from every school and poor doctors from every school.
2)    Personal referral is the best place to start.
3)    Ask everyone you have contact with, “Do you know of a GREAT chiropractor?” Ask everyone; the gas station attendant (historically speaking ;) ), the grocery clerk, friends, family, co-workers. Ask if they know of a GREAT chiropractor, because you don’t want a good/OK/average chiropractor. It is true; Ask and ye shall receive.
4)    When someone tells you that they know of a GREAT chiropractor, ask them what is GREAT about their chiropractor. The fact that the doctor has an expensive car, and a packed waiting room doesn’t mean he/she is a GREAT doctor. What you want to hear is:
a)    treatment clearly makes me feel better,
b)    the doctor is not having me come back over and over until my money runs out,
c)    the doctor obviously wants to do right by me,
d)    the doctor instructs me on the many things that I can do to get well myself
5)    when you’ve heard the right answers, visit the office and see if you like the feel of the place and the people.
6)    try the chiropractor out. If you are not impressed, don’t go back.

Finally, be sure to consider what you are bringing to the relationship. If you are looking for a GREAT chiropractor, shouldn’t you be a GREAT patient? Are you ready to do what it takes to be well? Or, do you just want the doctor to fix you? Even if your current need for a chiropractor is due to an injury, you can help or hinder your recovery by what you eat and drink, and by the amount of rest and exercise that you get. Do your part.

GREAT chiropractic treatment is a very powerful and gentle treatment for injuries, illnesses, and most importantly for maintaining and improving health. I wish you success in locating a GREAT chiropractor for yourself.

Dr. Young