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Alison Harris w her infant, JackInfants Toddlers Children

Yes, infants toddlers, and children need chiropractic care too!

It just makes sense. When your child begins to have her/his teeth come in, and for the rest of her/his life, regular dental check-ups are very important to lessen the possibility of pain and loss of teeth. We all recognize that ones spine and its muscles and nerves are more important to a human being than ones teeth. But, who is regularly evaluating your child's neck and back? It should be your doctor of chiropractic.

Your child deserves excellent care. You know the importance of health! Don't wait for poor posture, scoliosis (x-ray below), neck pain, back pain, or headaches. Provide your child with an annual chiropractic check-up. And, of course, make an appointment for your child if any signs or symptoms of any kind of health problem arise.

Scoliosis - curvature of the spineThere are 3 main treatments that I provide for children;

1) spinal adjustment,

2) specific dietary advice, and

3) advice on nutritional supplementation.

The majority of the children that I have treated have had specific problems in the joints of their spines that were best treated with spinal adjustment. Most children like to have their spines adjusted, and often ask their parents when they get to come back again for treatment.

Many children have reactions to foods that they commonly eat, that gradually bring on many of their health complaints. Removing those foods temporarily often brings relief without drugs or surgery. The most common offenders are dairy and gluten, but soy, eggs, corn, and others can also cause health problems.

It is also common that children benefit from a few specific nutritional supplements. Once again, most children can be treated without resorting to medications.

This is a list of young patients that I treat, or that I treated when they were children:
(Remember, I am growing this web site very slowly. I will add young patients as I can.)
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Ryan Storey      

Here is a list of conditions that I have treated in infants and children since 1983:

Click on the linked names to read about the conditions.....
ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Back pain
Ear infections and ear pain
Growing pains
Jaw grinding
Knee pain
Leg pain
Neck pain
Poor posture
Stomach and digestive system pain

Questions and Answers

Q: Are there different types of adjustments?
A: Chiropractors use a variety of adjustments. I use a traditional technique of finding joints of the spine that do not move freely, and manipulate those joints, by hand, to restore motion and function.

Q: How often do you recommend a visit?
A: I prefer to see infants and toddlers once every six months until 3 years of age. After the age of 3, I recommend a check-up once each year. Of course, an office visit is encouraged at any time that your child has any type of health issue.

Q: How much does each adjustment/visit cost?
A: Our charges are based on time with the patient. The most common charge for an infant-child is $55. If a 30-minute appointment is needed, the charge is $90.