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Metagenics Vitamins

We carry Metagenics products in our office and offer them through our online store.

Metagenics Online Store!!!

  1. I have negotiated with Metagenics to have all product prices permanently reduced by 15% from the manufacturer’s suggested retail in our store.
  2. You get 20% savings on your first order on this new store site!
  3. You also get 10% savings on your second and subsequent Recurring Orders (products that you order to be sent to you automatically within 3 months or less of your last order)
  4. As of March 1, 2016 you get free shipping on orders $49 and above -- Automatic recurring orders (AROs) receive free shipping on all orders -- Standard shipping for 2-5 day service will be a flat rate of $4.99 per order

These are great prices, and this system helps you stay on track with your nutritional health!!!

Here is how you do it. Go to:

In the upper right, at the very top of the page, either “Create an account” if you do not have one, or “Log in” if you have already ordered through this exact process before.

In creating an account you will need my Practitioner code: doctoryoung

Select the supplements that you need and you are on your way!

The Metagenics products that we carry in the office, and most commonly sell, are Mag Glycinate, OmegaGenics (fish oil), UltraFlora Plus (probiotic), UltraMeal Rice and Soy meal replacement powder and bars, and UltraClear (detox formula). You now have access to these and all of the Metagenics product line! You will notice that this store is only for Metagenics products and not for the other three vitamin lines that we carry.

Our online Metagenics store does not currently have the functional capability to allow us to set the exact price for individual products. You will find that some prices are the same, some lower, and some a bit higher than here in the ofice. We think it will all even out and that you will be benefited.

I believe that our online store will help more of you maintain your health, and make quality, affordable, nutritional supplements easily accessible!

Happy, healthy shopping!!!

Dr. Young :)