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Teaching Health

I, Dr. Young, will speak to groups on a variety of health/disease subjects at no charge.

In response to a Facebook post by Mark Hyman, MD, recommending Functional Medicine , a friend of mine recently commented, "I'm all for functional medicine, alternative medicine, etc; I believe each form has something to offer. My biggest problem is that only wealthy people have the choice to even consult with such doctors. Those of us with chronic illnesses are generally among the poor, and end up on Medicaid, for which I am VERY grateful, yet it means I have only a choice of two doctors in my local area, neither of which, of course offer anything but allopathic medicine."

My friend's point is so important; many have no access to real healthcare, only disease care! That is why I continue to offer to speak at no charge to groups (minimum of 20 people) for 90 minutes on predetermined topics, in Ventura or Ojai. And no sales pitch!

A "group" can be 20 of your friends.

As we know, the most powerful thing a doctor can do is to teach patients how to be well. Having taught Wellness Classes for the City of Ventura since 2012, I know how to make talks interesting and keep their content usable.

Location - can be a private residence, or other functional venue in the City of Ventura or Ojai.
$20 for each attendee (minimum of 20 adults) must be provided to Dr. Young in advance to assure interest and attendance. The entire $20 will be returned to each attendee at the end of the talk.

The deposit money can be easily collected using a website such as Crowd Tilt. Individuals can make their attendance-guarantee deposit by credit card at the site.