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What Participants Say ...
About Dr. Young's Health & Wellness Groups & Classes

"It is such a tremendous help, at least in my life!" 

"Dr. Kris!  I would like you to know that you've really increased my awareness in holistic health, and provided tools to really be more involved in my healthcare (or "health plan" as you call it!). These lessons are not something I could've found on my own, so many thanks to the valuable/invaluable information you are teaching us. Once we are done, the next group will be blown away at your knowledge!"

"As I commented before, you have really opened my eyes to the power of nutrition, and to be a better advocate when meeting with my doctor/s.  I know that I am in a better place than when we first met on August 2nd."

"I so enjoyed your classes and am so sad that I could not continue to attend the remainder of the program.  I learned a lot about health and vitamins and alternative ways to view medicine and taking care of ourselves. As you know, I was a bit skeptical when we first embarked on the journey for City staff.  I was sure that there was not such thing as a free lunch and could not imagine how this program would work.  From the first time we met at the Indian restaurant in downtown Ventura (with Ellis Green and Asst. Police Chief Quinn Fenwick (now retired), I began to understand your passion for health, wellness and the functional medicine approach and why you were willing to volunteer to bring this knowledge and education to City staff.  I know you have made a positive impact on the employees who have participated in the program and the organization as a whole is so much better off for your generous efforts. - Jenny Roney, MPA, SPHR, IPMA-CP -- HR Director, City of Ventura - Aug 2004-Sept 2013"

"I so hate  to miss my class. I truly appreciate you giving up your time  and knowledge to help us. ^:)^ Thank you so much for all that you have given us. I feel I actually have a chance now to get my life on track."

"I would like to thank you for once again providing us with a wealth of great information."

"As you were reading from Dr. Hyman's work,  I couldn't help but think about how the "why" rather than the "what" approach is beneficial when applied to most (if not all) areas of life.  It's more difficult perhaps, and it definitely takes more time and thought, but the results are well worth the effort."

"I was reminded today that the same is true when dealing with our physical health.  "Do we need to deal with the symptoms (the what)?"  In most cases, yes.  "Will that solve the real problem (the why)?"  Definitely not.  Thanks again for reminding me of this truth.  Now I just need to transition that knowledge from my head to my heart so the life style changes I make will last longer than a week :)."

"Validating and enlightening!"

"Looking forward to increased clarity and wellness."

"I'm sad that my time in your group is over.  I learned a ton and plan on learning more."

"A Healthy Future!"

"I am SO disappointed I missed our meeting today."

"I have felt since we started that not only are we very fortunate to have this opportunity with you but additionally, I particularly feel we have been blessed with a great group of folks with which to share this experience. Thanks again for your time and talents."

"Hate to have missed it! See you next time for sure! P.S. my aloe and celery are doing very well, thanks again!"

"Encouragement Family Understanding Important Learning"

"Thank you for today's session. :)   Here's my 1-10 word summary: "Being proactive vs. reactive to my health""

"Excitement, encouraged, journal, lifestyle, & how cool is this program."

My up to 10 words that came to mind from today's Wellness meeting:  Passionate  Educational  Inspiring  Effective  Support  - I look forward to our next meeting."

"My 10 words: passion  compassion  knowledge  interest  healthy  change  lifestyle  adjustment  cheerleader  champion"

"Every "body"  unique. Looking forward to increased clarity and wellness."

"Eye Opening, Need to Process, Talk to Doctor about Vitamins"

"Wellness is better served as part of a group."

"Considering writing out a health plan."

"This class has reminded me of good health habits. I enjoyed it so much! Thank you!"

"Time to start a written health plan and to have a hemoglobin blood test (HgbA1c)."

"Make an effort to notice and focus on personal health – keep an eye on the future."

"Health plan is important and good reinforcement."

"I need to make my doctor/dentist appointments a priority. I keep canceling due to work or family issues. So, basically, I need to make me a priority! Thanks!"

"I enjoyed the first meeting today!  It's so much fun to learn all the good health information.  I can't wait for the next meeting.  I am so excited about learning new things that I don't know before."

"Hi Dr. Young! I want to thank you for your Wellness Program.  I've learned so much from you!  Each class was so interesting.  I really enjoyed the whole program.  Thank you, again. :)"

"thanks for all your good information, it was a great class and i am glad i was able to attend.  you have a very nice manner about you and i think everyone felt comfortable asking questions and expressing their opinions freely, that made it fun also."