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Why See Us?

We won't make you keep coming back! Tired of chiropractors that want to treat you 3 times per week for extended periods? We will advise you about the care you need, but encourage you to decide on the treatment that you want. No push from us.

  • Excellent traditional and holistic chiropractic.
  • Caring, knowledgeable, and effective healthcare in a relaxed, organized, and loving environment.
  • Functional Medicine evaluation and treatment.
  • Dr. Young is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic; the first chiropractic college in the world.
  • No routine x-rays.
  • You can get treated by Dr. Young while in your street clothes. Undressing and gowning is not necessary.
  • Great, relaxing, or deep therapeutic massage.
  • We'd love to help you!

We like to think of ourselves as "A Great Marriage of Chiropractic & Massage".

"If you are looking for an excellent spinal adjustment, the best massage, and caring, effective, holistic healthcare in a loving environment, you've found it!

"This chiropractor won't make you keep coming back!"
This means three things:

  1. We will never try to talk you into treatment,
  2. Most people don't need chiropractic treatment over and over again if they are receiving effective care and are making changes to their lifestyle as recommended by the doctor, and
  3. Great chiropractic care can be affordable.