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A New Model for Recruitment for Campaigns: The Multilevel Campaign

rev. October 26, 2011

Campaigns do their usual business of recruiting volunteers, soliciting endorsements and donations, and getting vote commitments. Campaigns usually try to provide supporters with progress reports on all of these factors. While knowing the status and the growth of a campaign as a whole, is valuable, and can be a source of encouragement and motivation for staff and volunteers, it misses the critical and powerful element of acknowledgement of each individual’s contribution, and the domino effects of those contributions.

 By tracking, and posting publicly, through a website, the vote commitments, endorsements, contributions, and new volunteers brought to the campaign by each individual, the campaign not only becomes more personal, but harnesses the power of making ones contribution visible and measureable to oneself and the community. This web-system would also track and publish downstream effects; the subsequent generations of people and resources brought into the campaign by any individual. Along the way, one can see, not just what she contributed, but the net, and unfolding effect of her contributions; powerful, interconnecting, more accurate, and inspiring!

Multilevel marketing is not sustainable because the goal is income for those at the top. Multilevel campaigning couples individual contribution and accomplishment, with and for the common good.

Understandably, some people don’t want to be public about their involvement. No problem. List only those who want to be public about their involvement and support.

For more conversation on this topic, contact Dr. Young.