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Cost-effective Chiropractic Care

August 2012

A 35 year-old male comes into my (Dr. Kristofer Young) office with intense low back pain that made him have to ask his son to put his socks on him. The patient has a very high pain tolerance, but is not tolerating this pain. He had called our office the day before while surveying local chiropractic offices for fees for treatment. Our initial fee was not the cheapest, but he believed me when I said that I was committed to helping him get well with the least cost.

The muscles of his back were excessively tight and his low back was so painful that I was not able to provide him with complete manipulation of his spine. I advised him that his digestive tract was inflamed, probably due to food allergies, and explained that this was probably one of the major causes of his pain. I further explained that it appeared that he was deficient in magnesium (a mineral that allows muscles to relax).

I sent him home with instructions to : 1) stop all dairy products until the pain was gone, 2) take 400 mg of magnesium each day (I gave him a week's worth), 3) take an epsom salts bath each day, 4) stretch gently 30 minutes twice each day, 5) text me that evening with his status (I gave him my cell #), 6) text me the next morning with his status.

He texted me that evening - "The pain and everything is still the same." I replied that I wanted him to keep doing what I asked.

He texted me the next morning (24 hours after one treatment) - "Woke up feeling a lot better."

He has not needed treatment since. That is value.


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