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Gluten is a protein found in wheat and some other grains. As much as 1 in 3 Americans may be allergic to gluten.

For extensive information on gluten, click here to visit the website of my friend and internationally recognized expert on gluten, Thomas O'Bryan, DC

Click this link to open an instructional sheet created by the Institute for Functional Medicine which advises about foods that contain gluten.


Q: Is this whole gluten thing just a fad?
A: No.

Q: How can I know what foods contain gluten?
A: Click on this link to open a form with this information.

Q: So are you saying that every individual has a problem with gluten even if they feel well?
A: I am saying that many people can't feel the damaging effects of gluten on their bodies, or don't attribute their many illnesses to their gluten consumption. Many people are not diagnosed as gluten sensitive until age 40 or 50. Many are never diagnosed. Common conditions like depression and obesity can be caused by or contributed to by gluten consumption. My advice to those who are unwell in any way; do serious experiments being 100% off of gluten, or have accurate testing done, or both.




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