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Yes, the gentleman on the right is Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He was in Ojai, CA in September of 2007 and I had the opportunity to treat him and his wife through my foundation. And, yes, Dennis is giving me a shoulder rub.Healing Those Who
               Heal The World

A not-yet incorporated, non-profit foundation established in 1999

Mission Statement (updated 5/31/2011)
This foundation was created in 1999 by Dr. Kristofer Young to offer a loving heart, a helping hand, and some accrued wisdom to individuals committed to making the world a better place. It is dedicated to optimizing the health and function of visionary individuals(1) and the executive staffs of visionary organizations, to promote their vitality and extend their functional longevity utilizing principles of functional medicine(2), chiropractic, and yoga. Services offered include treatment, evaluation, counseling, and education, and are provided at no charge.

Founding Premises:

  • All individuals benefit from expanding their insight into, and making improvements in the functioning of their bodies, minds, and spirits.
  • Most visionaries focus primarily on understanding, vitalizing, and protecting others, and the world around them. It is common that they have limited awareness of their own state of health, and often care for their own body and person in a limited fashion.
  • It is wise to support, and optimize the existence of living treasures; our visionaries.
  • It is easier to conserve than to create a visionary.

The Goal:
Dr. Young began providing services in 1999 for what is projected to be a minimum of 4 visionaries per year. During the 25 years from 1999 until 2024, it is hoped and expected that his interaction with these visionaries will extend by one year, on average, each of their functional life spans, thereby contributing 100 years of visionary energy and guidance to our world.

Definitions of terms used above:
1.  Visionary individuals and organizations are defined by Dr. Young as those whose goals and effects are to make the world a better place for all people.
2.  Functional Medicine is a patient-centered, science-based, holistic health approach that focuses on early departures from wellness, and assisting patients in regaining balance in their lives.

Visionaries Served:

Daniel Ellsberg and Patricia Ellsberg -

Dennis Kucinich -

Elizabeth Kucinich -

Rachel Morris - VCCOOL

Bill & Athena Steen and family - Canelo Project

Wolf and Lisa Wapepah - Descendants of the Earth Foundation