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Signs of Allergy in Children

It is important to understand that allergy is extremely common in infants and children. It is equally important to realize that allergy has many different presentations. Foods are the most common allergens. Oftentimes obvious allergic reactions to cats, grasses, or seasonal airborne allergens have an underlying cause, or enhancement from food allergies. All allergic reaction is cumulative, therefore a heavy burden of food allergens can leave a person susceptible to acute reaction with even a small exposure to other allergens. Keep in mind that food allergy reactions often do not occur immediately following ingestion of the offending food or foods. The allergic affects of foods can build over time, and may show up without clear relation to the food.

The guidance of a knowledgeable doctor, like myself, may be necessary to understand your child's condition and successful treatment.

Possible Signs: colic, constipation, diarrhea, tummy aches, dark circles under eyes, poor sleep, nightmares, bedwetting, asthma, Tourette's syndrome, autism, crossed eyes , loss of visual acuity (need for corrective lens - glasses), hearing loss, pigeon toes, ADHD, agressive or irritated behavior, fear, backache, scoliosis, headache, weight gain, low weight, failure to thrive, skin rashes, ear infections, other recurrent infections, what have I left out? ...