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$5 Off on Monthly Vitamin Specials

Each month we offer $5 off of our vitamin/nutirtional supplement of the month, to each of our patients.

The monthly specials are as follows:

  1. January - Happy New Year! The supplement of your choice from our stock.
  2. February - Vitamin D - reduce cancer risk, treat osteoporosis and depression and more.
  3. March - Fish oil – anti-inflammatory, treat arthritis, reduce risk of heart disease and cancer, lose weight, improve skin and hair, improve mood, need more?
  4. April - Quercetin - incredible relief from seasonal allergies!
  5. May - UltraMeal Bars - great food on the run - one box
  6. Jun -  Vitamin E - powerful antioxidant.
  7. July -   Vitamin C - better immune function and antioxidant.
  8. August - Calcium - healthy bones and more.
  9. September - Multivitamin - The Big One - for obvious reasons.
  10. October -  Magnesium Glycinate - for less muscle pain, cramps, joint pain, constipation, depression, anxiety, insomnia ...
  11. November - UltraMeal - nutritious shake for healthy snacks or weight-loss. 
  12. December -  Vitamin B Complex - the stress vitamin for the holiday season, and for the rest of the year too!

Restrictions: one per month per patient, may not be combined with any other offer.